Promoting Innovative Training & Performance Support at the Manufacturing Workplace. The MAN.TR.A Model for LACE Project

Fabrizio Cardinali
Infinity Technology Solutions, Italy

Mehrnoosh Vahdat
University of Genoa and Infinity Technology Solutions, Italy

Davide Anguita
University of Genoa, Italy

Luigi Lupo
Infinity Technology Solutions, Italy


Manufacturing is going through what many call the 4th industrial revolution with new technologies coming into place to disrupt the way we produce, distribute and sell goods in contemporary markets. This paper presents an EU support action for Learning Analytics Community Exchange (LACE) which includes a specific work package dedicated to the study and promotion of innovative learning analytics approaches in the manufacturing work place. It presents an innovative training process based on maturity modelling called MAN.TR.A. which will be used in the LACE 30 months life cycle to detect, classify and analyze best practices in manufacturing training aimed at identifying process models and appraisal paths for those seeking excellence in the manufacturing training sector.

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