The Importance of e-Learning in Transforming Organisational Strategies: A Case Study

Sandra Bras
RIPE NCC, The Netherlands

Antonio Teixeira
Universidade Aberta, Portugal


A number of organisations are introducing eLearning in training and teaching practices aimed at employees and/or customers. This research project aims to determine whether, and how, the introduction of eLearning practices in a training organisation, or an organisation with a strong training component, represents a disruptive process and whether it leads, or empowers, the transformation of the organisation’s strategies. The research takes, as a case study, the RIPE NCC, and is composed by two complementary parts. The first part focuses on the analysis of the introduction of eLearning in the organisation, with all the contextual aspects inherent to such a process. The second has its focus on studying the impact of eLearning in changing organisational strategies.

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