The Circumstances of Using Technological Applications Inside and Outside of the Faculty by Physician and Nurse Candidates

Baris Sezer
Hacettepe University, Turkey

Nurettin Simsek
Ankara University, Turkey


In this study the aim is to determine which technological applications are used by physician and nurse candidates; where, why and how they are used, based upon the technologic and educational context. This research is considered as a case study. The study group was determined by “easily accessible case sampling” and consisted of 78 freshman, sophomore and junior physician candidates from the Faculty of Medicine of Hacettepe University; 50 freshman, sophomore, junior and senior nurse candidates from the Nursing Program of the Faculty of Medical Sciences in Başkent University. A questionnaire and a semi-structured interview form created by the researchers were used in this study. The content analysis method was used in the data solution. Research participants stated that technological applications they used in daily life and for classes were different. This situation can be considered as an indication that we could not yet integrate technology into education. It was determined in the research that students used search engines and office programs the most. As a result of the research, results of the students who take distance learning courses was higher than those who formal learning. Moreover students presented positive attitudes towards distance learning. In conclusion, the finding regarding students’ willingness to take distance learning courses and use of social networks should be carefully dealt with. Especially considering the high numbers of students attending faculties that school health professionals, alternative teaching methods and procedures should be conceived. Student participation should be encouraged along with mixed learning platforms, and students who are crammed into the lecture halls should be supported in terms of education.

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