SEQUENT: Supporting Quality in e-learning European Networks

George Ubachs
European Association of Distance Teaching Universities - EADTU, The Netherlands

Anthony F. Camilleri
European Foundation for Quality in eLearning - EFQUEL, Belgium


EADTU and EFQUEL, the two key stakeholders in Europe when it comes to quality assurance in online education, have developed various innovative quality assurance and excellence models. Through respectively the E-xcellence quality label developed by EADTU and the UNIQUe quality label developed by EFQUEL, the two organisations share a common expertise in the rewarding of excellence examples in on-line higher education.In a common effort to convince governments, universities and QA agencies of the necessity to have a QA approach for e-Learning provision, EADTU and EFQUEL have decided to join forces together with ENQA and set up the European wide SEQUENT initiative.The “SEQUENT” initiative aims to promote excellence in the use of ICT in higher education, with a clear goal to prepare European Universities in line with the European Modernization Agenda and to make higher education in Europe fit better to cross-border collaboration initiatives in the implementation of innovative and ICT enhanced partnerships.Quality instruments related to online and open education are the E-xcellence label, UNIQUe label, ECB-Check and the OpenupEd quality label for MOOCs. Please find all info on the SEQUENT website:

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