A MOOC for Entrepreneurship Education, Adopting a Critical Technology. An Experience Carried out at the DHitech Technological District in Apulia (Italy)

Antonella Poce
Universita Roma TRE, Italy


Training a group of graduate students based in Apulia (Italy) is part of a wider project, the Activating VINCENTE: "Innovating engineers/ Entrepreneurs specialized in Technological Entrepreneurship Ecosystems”, funded within the EU National Operational Plan, (PON02_00563_3470993). The main aim of the project is to create the specific profile of a high tech innovator and entrepreneur, specialized in defined areas of knowledge, endowed with skills and attitudes able to transform technology and/or research results in a new business model to create economic and social value (technological entrepreneurship) . Within the above training course, LPS-Laboratory for Experimental Research (University Roma TRE) was in charge of teaching two modules, where the main task to be carried out by the in training students was to devise an effective MOOC in Entrepreneurship education. The present contribution highlights the background at the basis of the specific training idea and describes the results of the inquiry carried out with the in-training graduate students, with the aim of reflecting the strengths and weaknesses of such innovative ways of carrying out open education.

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