Open Educational Practices in Romanian Universities during the Educational Disruption

Diana Andone
Politehnica University of Timisoara
Gabriella Grosseck
West University of Timisoara
Carmen Holotescu
"Ioan Slavici" University of Timisoara


The Covid-19 pandemic led to an unprecedented situation, when education worldwide moved online, leading to what is called Emergency Remote Teaching. Completed three months after the suspension of face-to-face activities in schools and universities, this paper aims to capture the actions taken in three Romanian universities, for the continuity of education in online environment. How prepared were the higher institutions in terms of infrastructure, teacher training, digital competences of teachers and students, open education strategy? What educational technologies have been used, what is the role of Open Educational practices, the integration of Open Educational Resources and Massive Open Online Courses? How were accessed, adopted and adapted the many international initiatives, projects and resources? What are the results of the studies already carried out on the efficiency of the actions taken? What can be done better until the return to the face-to-face activities, what are the lessons learned and how this knowledge will be applied for a better future? What current practices will have an impact on the teaching-learning activity, on the opening of education?

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