Micro-Innovations and Stakeholders Engagement as Drivers for Systemic Change in ICT-Supported Learning

Fabio Nascimbeni
University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Edison Spina
University of Sao Paulo, Brazil


The paper discusses the findings and the lessons learnt of two research projects that have worked to understand how to support mainstreaming and scalability of ICT for learning in Europe. These are the VISIR project, which explored how scouting grassroots micro-innovation practices can help to successfully mainstream the potential of ICT to contribute to change in education, and the HoTEL project, which worked on how to appropriately engage stakeholders in supporting innovation in the field of ICT for learning. Building on the main findings of these projects as well as on other recent attempts to valorise innovation in education, the paper presents some ideas targeted to decision makers, researchers and practitioners, as possible starting points for future bottom-up efforts of innovation valorisation in the field of ICT-supported learning.

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