Spatial Abilities: A Group of Basic Workplace Skills Developed through GeoGebra 3D

Laszlo Budai
Debrecen University, Hungary

Andrea Karpati
ELTE University, Hungary

Bernadett Babaly
Szent Istvan University, Hungary


Results of the 2012 survey of the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA, 2013) revealed a sharp decline in performance both in Mathematics and in Science for Hungary. Task types “Shape and Space” in the PISA assessment focused on one or more basic skill components (reconstruction, mental rotation, change of viewpoints, estimation of surface size, etc.) and required the utilisation of spatial abilities in everyday situations. In a recent national assessment project, we developed a visual skills framework for curriculum innovation that is now being integrated in the European Framework of Visual Skills through the EU funded project EnVIL. This paper presents tasks for a developmental, authentic assessment of spatial abilities through the new, 3D version of the GeoGebra software.

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