The Challenge of the Total Quality Management Approach for the Development of Online and Distance Education

Christian-Andreas Schumann
West Saxon University of Zwickau, Germany

Claudia Tittmann
West Saxon University of Zwickau, Germany

Jana Weber
West Saxon University of Zwickau, Germany

Helge Gerischer
West Saxon University of Zwickau, Germany

William Scheller
Kettering University Flint, United States of America

Feng Xiao
Tongji University Shanghai, China


The organisations themselves have to “produce” quality systemically and not just the individual units, which are responsible for the study programs or contents. Therefore, a holistic approach of management in general and quality management in particular is required to cope with the challenges of online and distance education in the future. The integration of TQM and online and distance education management is based on the complex management approach for educational institutions. But, there are still a couple of dilemmas and issues. Therefore the universities have to develop general professional concepts and to transfer the standard procedures into special TQM processes for online and distance education. This development will be provided by discussing individual solutions and issues based on approved cases and best practices in the educational institutions.

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